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"Scottee's forward-thinking cabaret is back and we're excited. It's one of the few nights in town that guarantees a combination of kick-arse entertainment, formal experimentation, political engagement and two-fingers-up, poke-in-the-eye fun. Case in point: tonight's theme, 'The Return of the Yuppie', including Cameron-baiting, a milk give-away and a poll on whether use of the word 'cunt' is acceptable on stage (previously a source of some friction between Scottee and Bird LaBird). With Ryan Styles, Nando Messias, Miss Annabel Sings, Myra Dubois, Masumi Tipsy and 100 Margaret Thatchers on the bill - plus video work, soundscapes and a twinset-and-pearls jumble sale - you know where your vote should go".

- Ben Walters, TimeOut London


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