Scottee | Artistic Director

Scottee founded EYHO in December 2008. It launched at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club and then moved to his more permanent   home Hackney Empire until its closure in Dec 2009.

His vision is simple - to create an accessible space where performance art & cabaret can co-exist with no limitations.
Scottee's brash, clumsy and obnoxious approach to performance has left audiences confused, annoyed & amused. Whatever you think of Scottee - he probably won't care.

Miss Annabel Sings | Associate Director

Miss Annabel joined EYHO in Autumn 2008, since then she has become the backbone of our company, from stage manager to tour manager (and managing to keep Scottee from falling off stage).

As a performer Miss Annabel experiments with emotion, song & video art. She'll lead you to that place where the mundane is extraordinary and the extraordinary is mundane

Myra Dubois | Associate Artist

Myra is a resident performer with EYHO, her work is presented on and off stage at our events. Regular features include 'human orchestra', 'career advice' and 'how you will die' - in her own words "artificial. vulgar. banal."

Performer, Comedienne, Muse, Social Commentator, Hostess. Do not feed the drag queen - she will bite.

Masumi Tipsy Saito | Associate Artist

Masumi has performed with EYHO from its humble beginnings at Bethnal Green WMC. Masumi has a cult following with EYHO fans all over the UK, she is also very good at sleeping on coaches.

Heartbreak, hurt, loneliness and tears all of which came straight from the gut. She is small but has all the might in the world. This is not just dancing.

Nando Messias | Associate Artist

Nando is the worlds most forward thinking dancer and performance aritst that is why we stole him for EYHO.

Nando's work is emotive, provocative and often violent. His work puts you in a deep trance, enough to lure you in and rip your insides out with a smile. If in doubt throw things at her.

Helen Noir | Associate Artist & Production

Helen Noir is a London based DJ, performer, writer and music supervisor. A classically trained singer, she has performed her unique versions of operatic & modern pieces. She is currently studying the technique of khomeii (Mongolian overtone singing). She is also working with dancers Nando Messias & Masumi Tipsy Saito on a full length show, 'Glass Harmonica', about mental illness and its representations in Romantic art. In short we think shes a legend.

Spencer Wood | Company Trainee

Spencer sent us a nice email once, since then he's regretted it. He trained performance but we don't hold that against him, in his words..

'Spencer does not know who he is as a performer. Yet. As a recent graduate of ‘contemporary performance’ he is now taking his chance to experiment, both with himself and you. He’s currently in the process of setting alight to the ‘Queer’ flag he’s been parading around for the last few months. It’s much prettier when it burns'. Bless.

Felicity Hayward |
Associate Artist

Felicity creates our pop up themed jumble sale at each event - weather it be dressing the audience as Margret Thatcher or Fat Lesbians she'll guarantee you a bargain.

Felicity is also a photographic artist, she collects images of people playing with themselves on Chat Roulette and photographs people in there home stuffing their face.

Marcus Reeves | Associate Artist

Marcus is the newest addition to the EYHO family but he has been treading the boards before us all. 

Since making his theatre debut ten years ago as the dildo and merkin maker to the Queen of Sodom, Marcus Reeves has performed widely across the London fringe theatre and cabaret scene. Described by Elaine Paige as ‘a new Tim Rice’, Marcus is now returning to his roots as a singer songwriter.

La John Joseph | Associate Artist

La JJ (as she is affectionately known) is also a new family addition. She's ever so political and if you cross her the scouse comes out.

La JohnJoseph is a British born, American educated writer and artist who explores the creation and dislocation of power in cultural matrices through performance, text, lectures and art.
She was never much of a Micheal Jackson fan.

Marie Brennis | DollyOli presents | Associate Artist

Marie is responsible for most of the company singing 'Airport' over and over again. Reality depresses her, she needs to find fantasy worlds and escape in them.

In her words - 'my cross-disciplinary performance practice is a hybrid of visual art and movement. In my BA, I did many things as am not your straight forward kind of artist, I did a photography, dance, film, fine art and visual theories, I was constantly changing my modules, I was hard to categorize'

Tommy Lloyd-Baker  | Associate Artist & Production

Tommy is the kind painted face that greets you at most EYHO events. He gets the tube in his get up - he likes the attention.

Often described by friends as their personal Gok Wan, Tommy Lloyd-Baker has been working as a personal stylist for the past 2 years. As a EYHO associate Tommy presents macabre spoken word from a forgotten time as his alter ego 'A Gentlemen presents..'