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The Return of the Yuppie?

2010's optimism was quickly beaten out of us when the Conservative führer visually raped us with his corporate bill boards, communicating his policy to 'the street'. By the end of the Summer we could be looking up to David Cameron for financial support and bracing ourselves for the return of the Yuppie!

Tonight our performers get all punk and spit in the face of politics, we're aware you're not supposed to discuss such things around the dinner table but if you don't like it - F*ck off.

Beware of the iron lady in aluminum.

- Live -
Masumi Tipsy (Back from Japan!)
Ryan Styles
Nando Messias
Daniel Somerville
Miss Annabel Sings
Myra Dubois
Absolut Queer
100 Margaret Thatchers

- Interactive -
The Cunt Ballot
Alexander6 Visuals
Felicity Hayward's Twinset & Pearl Jumble
Myra's Career advice
& Free Milk

- Soundscape -
Ktron (AYCE / CAT), Scottee & Dog Shit Face

Friday 26th March
10 - 3am
(first show at 10.30)

The Brickhouse
152c Brick Lance, E1

£7 | £5 NUS
 Advance bookings advised - eyho@scottee.co.uk
Table bookings (4 or more) - getmeaseat@scottee.co.uk

If your ideal night of 'entertainment' is a watching Glee on 4OD then stay in.


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